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Walking the Picket Line Straight to the Ballot Box

Tens of thousands teachers walked the picket line earlier this year in L.A., the country's second-largest school district, during a six-day strike over pay, class size, testing and charter schools. The strike marked the first in the city in 30 years.

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Hidden Brain: Bullshit Jobs, How Meaningless Work Wears Us Down

The number of administrators has gone up quite sharply, much more so than teachers, but even more important than that, the number of administrative staff has just skyrocketed. It's like 240 percent increase over the last 30 years.

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826LA’s "Tell Me a Story" Benefit Supports Young Writers

If you’re feeling powerless over […]our education secretary’s inane opinions and policy ideas; fed up with the lack of funding allotted to the most underserved schools across America; […] you can do something about it. 


MARCH 03, 2019

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